My name is Ronda, like the Beach Boys song, “Help Me Rhonda,” only no “h.”  Art has always been my voice since I was a little kid finger painting and drawing.  I started off as an art major and thought “what am I going to do with an art degree?” so I switched to Elementary Education.  Who knew that later in life I would be able to marry both career goals?

I am a mixed media artist, author, licensed designer, instructor and avid memory keeper who enjoys all kinds of mediums, documenting stories, taking photographs, and compiling it all together into cohesive art pieces. Playing it safe has never been my style so you will find me pushing the envelope and using products in unexpected ways.

I am a color junkie, using bold colors and combining colors in ways that surprise people.  All kinds of materials show up in my creations: paint, spray inks, stamps, vintage items, paper, fabric, etc.  I love documenting emotions and everyday moments through my art, art journals, and scrapbook pages. My first book, published in 2012, is titled Art of Layers.  I have a line of licensed design stencils with The Crafter’s Workshop. My artwork has also been published in several magazines and idea books including Artful Blogging, Somerset Memories, Creating Keepsakes, Memory Makers, Scrapbooks, ETC., and Scrapbook Trends.

I have taught many technique and project classes around the world and will continue teaching and providing inspiration.  I currently live in the suburbs of Denver with my husband Andy and our teenage son Anthony.  My husband currently works in Doha, Qatar and journeys home every few months. Our daughter Alexi is at University. You can say we are a global family.