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Art of Pen Pals

This workshop has sold out for the May-July Series. Check back to this
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The Art of Pen Pals Series Workshop

In this series we are going to explore letter writing with creativity. This class will be limited to only 20 participants. At the beginning of the three month series, I will randomly assign pen pals to the 20 classmates. You will mail one handwritten letter & one postcard-sized inspiration piece to go along with those letters each month for three months total. I will give you creative prompts for all the letters as well as video tutorials on how to create the cool individual postcards. In addition to those videos, I have included instructions on creating unique mailing envelopes, different ways to create a personalized stationary & letter carrying pouch, handwriting tips, and much more. I am a technique tart so you know the videos will be chock full of techniques & tips. There are also numerous downloads & templates to inspire you to create along with a list of resources. In addition, you will have a special newsletter, letting you know when the prompts & videos are posted. This series is like no other. It explores creativity, handwriting, and offers a look at the inspiration in your life as well as your pen pal’s life. All for just $24.95. Watch a video preview here on YouTube. This class is open to worldwide participants. Please note that if you sign up you may have to pay for postage to mail these letters internationally.


If you’ve already signed up for the series, please click here for the course main page.